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Itching or scratching

1. Is your dog scratching or biting at themselves nonstop? (e.g. you can hear them scratching or chewing all night) *This question is required.
Is your dog injuring themselves by scratching?

This can appear as anĀ inflamed and red area, with possible discharge, blood, or hair loss.
*This question is required.
Can you see any fleas or flea dirt? *This question is required.
Comb your dog's fur, preferably with a flea combĀ (or a fine-toothed comb, if you don't have a flea comb). Collect any material in the comb on a damp paper towel. Wait 5 minutes.

Can you see any black dots with an area of red pigment surrounding it? *This question is required.
Are there any areas on your dog that are red or inflamed, scabby, greasy, hairless or have thinning hair? *This question is required.